Saturday, April 30, 2011

A New Beginning

Hello Internet.

My name is John, and I post as NorthStateBlues.

I am a Dodgers fan, and have decided to start a blog on Blogger because I feel like I can write freely here, as opposed to the constraints applied on the MLBlogs Network.  Don't get me wrong, I love MLBlogs, and will probably still post there at points, but wanted to try something new.

I started DodgerBlogging as somewhat of a joke.  I was bored, and was drawing a picture of a Dodger during a game where they were losing in '08, and then they came back and won.  So I kept drawing, and they kept winning (for a while).  My Blog was well received, even garnering a link from Alyssa Milano's baseball blog, but I tapered off my posts.  Why?  Well, I was trying to finish up college, and I tend to be a better writer than a drawer.  Plus, my drawing's weren't Picassos, so I focused on other things.

My influences are wide and varied, the biggest ones sports-wise being the pessimistic and now semi-defunct Dodger Blues , and the eternally optimistic and always informative Vin Scully is my Homeboy .  I usually comment on the Dodgers' Official Front Office blog as well, Josh Rawitch has always asked for fan feedback, and I usually oblige, for better or worse.

Not wanting to be hypocritical criticizing Baseball from a MLB blog, I decided to take my criticisms away from MLB and into the BloggerSphere, where I am my own moderator.

So I hope everyone enjoys what I hope is the start of a more meaningful blogging experience from me.  One where I can put my writing to task.


  1. This should be lots of fun. Looking foorward to future installments.

  2. Thanks, I hope to keep 'em coming a lot faster than my other one :)

  3. Good luck with this new outlet. Your posts on DT are always very well written and insightful.
    -AKA 32and53fan